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morgan duron vs tbird athlon

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Jul 17, 2001
perth, Australia
i currently have a tbird 1.4
i cant overclock at all due to drastic heat problems

i am thinking of selling the chip and getting one of the new morgan cored durons (probably a 1ghz) and spending the left over money on more ram or something.
i will be unlocking and overclocking the duron

i mainly use the rig for seti,light gaming,mpeg1 encoding and web surfing.

peoples thoughts??
Stick with the Tbird.
A Duron Morgan will probably not overclock much past 1300MHz. A Tbird will be a lot better performing.

Try to solve the heat problems - get a new HSF or more case fans.If you have the money go for watercooling.
I agree with PenguinFreak.

The 1.4g T-BIRD has a bit more headroom for overclocking and will generally get to 1.6 without too many problems whereas the 1g DURON is just about at it’s max in the 1.2g range.

Beyond that, your temperature problem will not be solved with a simple processor change. This is an area that will need your attention before you can realistically expect much gain by way of overclocking, which will just increase your already high temperatures.

My .02

Good Luck!
i have no watercooling option
and HSF options are extremely limited

as for overclocking this Tbird,it doesnt go above 1.47
will going to a new morgan cored duron (either 1ghz or 1.2) drop temps?
running at 55-62 depending on ambient temp

the FOP38 i have should be able to handle the heat dissipation of a duron o/c'd ok shouldnt it?

does this scheme seem rational??
Okay, heres the bottom line:

A thunderbird will perform better than any overclocked Duron

Try opening the side off of the case, add more case fans. Over 60C is way too high.
Replacing your tbird w/ a duron will not make your heat problem go away especially if you are going to o/c your duron.
You can get a very good hsf for under $20 and that will more than
enough to keep your tbird below 40c.
i live in Australia
summer time here ambient temps hang around 35 degrees
case temp atm is 45 and cpu is at 55
best cooler i can find is a Thermaltake volcano 7 for $55 Australian
I havent had sucess oc'ing this cpu at all
Your Tbird should be whooping a Morgan and that's the bottom line. Wanna trade chips? LOL! :D

Although I saw your Seti times, and they don't match up where their suppose to be with your chip..
lonewolf1983 said:
i live in Australia
summer time here ambient temps hang around 35 degrees
case temp atm is 45 and cpu is at 55
best cooler i can find is a Thermaltake volcano 7 for $55 Australian
I havent had sucess oc'ing this cpu at all

You've got 100+ posts.... ;)
lonewolf1983 said:
eoboard : ummmm huh?

i must be slow or something...

I think he is hinting that you can view the classifieds.
PenguinFreak said:

I think he is hinting that you can view the classifieds.

...and possibly find a better sink that someone here will part with for a good price, yes. Give that man a....

what kind of fish do Penguinii eat???
I don't know about an Athlon whopping a new Morgan Duron. I had an Athlon 1000@1152 and now have a new Morgan 1200@1349. My best Seti time so far is under 3.5 Hrs for a high AR and my Athlon was just over 4.5 Hrs, these new Daddy-Durons seem to pack a mighty punch.

On the subject of temps and overclocking, my temps are now about the same as my old Athlon but due to inaccuracies of my MoBo reading I would say about 45C with a retail HSF. Overclocking is a little odd, any extra voltage and 3DMark will "spit" the program back to Windows, but pass Prime95. At the moment this chip has been crunching Seti for 12Hrs+ at 9.5x142 with no problems, any higher blue screen of death. My times with this new chip are as follows:-

Have a look at the Benchmark page, I realise that this is not the standard WU, but the results are very good. It beats a couple of XP's and an Athlon [email protected] and also is far easier to unlock.
seti is pretty much the main thing my box does...
i think ill buy an new duron and compare the 2
they are dirt cheap ,and im building a second system

what would you recommend 1 ghz or 1.2ghz?
obviously the 1.2 starts off higher,but if i can get a 1ghz to the same level ill get that

from what I have read the duron 1ghz would be the way to go. I made the mistake of purchasing the 950 instead of the 1g to save a couple bucks. I could barely get 950 to 1155. However, the chip did run cooler than my Athlon 1g (that I burned being an idiot). See my current temps with my new T-bird 1.33 in my sig. If I would have used the ASII with my duron 950, I am sure I would be running about 32º:idle.

Living where it is hot, I would try harder to get that heat out of your case with exhaust fans. Suckin in more 35º air is not going to help unless you can get it to whip through your case, past your cpu and out hopefully around 38-40º.

I used to have my case about 3 feet from our wall heater (living in NY). When we would have the heat on and I did not have the window open I was getting 44-49º!! Moved the case away and cut open the back of the case (so now the rear exhaust has little to no restrictions in its path). All those little holes were not enough - ripped it wide open and now 1 case fan sucks everything out!

sorry for the babbling - I talk alot in the morning :-}

i highly recomment the new morgan durons my 1gig hit 1.2 with no problems at all its set at 9x134 and runs seti great its averages from 240 to 540 mflops/sec where my spitfire 800@1gig maxed out at ~150mflops

first, a Morgan WILL produce LESS heat than T-Bird!! that's a fact!! since #1, it run @ slower clock speed, #2 Morgan core, just like Palomino, is slightly less power consuming thus less heat produced than T-bird.

second, a Morgan is a 128k L2 Cache Palomino. which means, it also has all the features that Palomino has (which kick T-bird's butt). e.g. data prefetch, etc.

so, that's why (from what i heard and see) it has a very good chance to beat a T-brid in SETI given everything else is equal!!

look at my main rig, T-bird @ 1.56 (142x11) on KT7a. it average 'bout 4.5hr/WU!! i know by using DDR, it could get close to around 4hrs/WU. but had seen a Morgan @ around 1.2-1.3G dip under 4hrs/WU!! plus it cost less than T-bird.

as for the heat problem, open up the side panel. sometimes it help a lot! on my T-bird rig, i had the side panel open all the time 'cos if it's close, it "might" crash if the temp goes too high in summer!!

good luck bro.!! :)
looks like im going to get a duron 1.2 as soon as i can scrape together the money
will then sell the tbird and get started on a second rig or something

thanks alot guys