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Mortal Kombat - Deadly Alliance

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hmm been awhile since they've made an MK game...
looks interesting, but the games always end up having crappy AI which is easy to figure out pretty quick.. unless u play 2 player 24/7
i've seen games on xbox with graphics much much better than that. I hope this comes out for the pc too, like Mortal Kombat 4, that was a crap but fun game.
The only reason to buy an Xbox is Halo.

...and Spyhunter.

And Cel Damage.

And PGR...

And Halo 2.

this sucks they need to make it for computer or ps2 not xbox oh well another game i wont have
Man some of you are overly spoild in the graphics area.
This game for a fighter is very well made, even for the Gameboy(I have it) it looks good and flows well.
IF you think you can figure it all out and be THAT board with it so soon then deffinatly don't buy it. I seriously doubt it will be that easy this time around. As for the Xbox version vs the rest, the graphics I have seen for the PS2 look better than the Xbox does, however I don't think it is planned for a PC release:(
At anyrate this is much better than MK4 was or the MK3 series. I for one will be getting it for the PS2 when I have the chance and cash. My PC needs stuff first :D
Give it a chance before you go bashing it all over the place. Sounds to me like most of you have yet to even play it or see it live.
This is JMHO.
Thank you.

Old school MK
MK4 Screenshots

New School MK
Fighting Screen shots

You tell me what looks better between the two.

Oh ya don't forget how it USED to look...

Old MK

This game has come a LONG way and never seems to get a fair shake. Oh well, my gain I guess, since it looks like I won't have to fight at the stores to get a copy.. :D
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This game looks pretty good, but I doubt it will be as fun as MKII. That is by far my favorite fighting game of all time, even better than Street Fighter II.