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Most Addicting Game Ever

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Oct 26, 2003
Rochester, NY
What would you say? On top of my list would be:
Elasto mania
that helecopter game(I think its like a java or Flash game)
From my experience: CS

Why? What does it take to be addicting? Well, you want to keep playing a game normally to achieve a certain goal. RPGs are addicting because you want to beat the game, or in the case of MMORG's because you want to acheive a certain level of character.. For that reason, addictivity goes away when you reach that goal. Granted, some take much longer than others. When I play an RPG, I use almost all of my free time to play it. I feel as though I have to get it done as soon as possible so I can get my life back! However, if I tried playing only an hour a night or so, it just isn't fun.

That brings me back to CS. This game has no real goal except to beat your enemy in the next couple minutes. Because your enemy is a human person, this makes the situation change every time you play. Unlike some other online games, the situations are often very tense and actions taken must be very precise. When you're down to one on one and you know everyone from both teams is watching you, it makes the game incredibly exciting. Every round is subtly different and every time someone different plays, things change. When a game is dynamic and goals are constantly changing (beating different players), the game is addicting.

I'm sure we've all had that experience playing a video game and we've been trying to beat that one section for what seems like forever. Thats more of a temporary addiction. You just want to beat that section. The best way I can think of differentiating between the two is that after you beat that section, you don't really want to go back and do it again... :)

Enough rambling.

I hate say it but I have to say Everquest was the most addicting game I ever played and Im sure EQ2 will be just as addicting if not more so.
To this day I think I've spent the most hours on UT2003, but Bards Tale(1) on the c64 was kinda addictive. Deluxe Galaga AGA on the a1200 was time consuming too...
Well to me every game that came out on the pc from Blizzard was pretty addicting. First there was WCII then Diablo, then SC, and then Diablo 2 and finally WCIII. I know that isnt neccesarilly the order in which they where released, but that is the order that "I" played them. All of these games have consumed a considerable amount of my time. But if I think about it, there where a lot of games on the original Nintendo that consumed me. Super Mario bros. and Mike Tyson's punchout got the holy living schmitt played out of them. Right now for me the game that gets the most play is WCIII Frozen Throne td maps. Call of Duty is getting some play too. I wish that I could get broadband internet so that I could have at least gotten a taste of what is so addicting about CS. I love to play it on lan.
everyone should seriously check elasto mania. Its A motocross Trials game. I seriously played the first 2 levles and got hooked. Went and bought the retail version for like 5 bucks or what ever it is and seriously cant stop playing. You can get the demo version with like 20 levles at http://www.elastomania.com/ . worth taking a look at!