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Motherboard advice

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New Member
Mar 7, 2002
I'm new to the fourms and I might be buying a new motherboard soon. I was wondering what you reccomended.

Hey sup!

everyone in here is gunna say sooner or later but i'll just do it for them, "it depends on what u want." [RAM, Processor, etc, etc....]

i'm getting an epox 8k3a+ tho, cuz it's generally stable, o/c-able, and up-to-date features for newer systems.

Welcome to the forums! I've seen your screen name b4 somewhere....

Hold out for the KT400 chipset if you can... and AGP 8x

KT333 boards: Epox 8K3A, Shuttle AK35GT-R r2.2, Soltek 75DVR
KT266a boards: Epox 8KHA+, Abit KR7a, Shuttle AK35GT-R or AK31a

What might you be willing to spend? And what features aside from OC'ing are you looking for? Onboard 6 channel sound? Onboard Raid? 3 or 4 dimm's? 5 or 6 PCI slots? Looks?
When will KT400 come out, and isn't the difference in performance supposed to be fairly minimal
what im looking for

on my name --I use this name in half life and it's taken from HHGTG

Looking for a motherboard that works with xp 1600+ and pc2700 if it had good on board sound that'd be a plus. right now i dont use much of anything pci so alot of pci slots isnt important.

right now raid wouldnt be that important since i only have one hard drive but it's on my "things that i would like to use list"

as far as cost goes i think i should be ok if it's under 200

looks would be a plus but not too important

anything else?
you want good onboard sounds.. I would recommend the Shuttle Ak35GTR... it has 5.1 sound supports...its also got raid so that's a bonus if you plan on using it later on