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motherboard and other cooling

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I took a hole saw cut three 4inch holes two in the side one out the top put in 3 120 mm case fans at 138 cfm each no problem
coaiti (May 12, 2001 02:32 a.m.):
How would you water cool your motherboard? what about memory how do people cool that?

Well I have 5 (120mm) fans in my case with a separate PSU, which does ok at the moment, to be honest I'm a bit reluctant to 'water cool' as the idea of a leak makes my wallet cringe. I personally think that with water cooling the possible gains are as big as the possible losses.. perhaps my views will change over time who knows.
As for cooling memory, mine doesn't appear to get hot and never feels like it needs cooling, however some people use heatsinks on the RAM and believe that this helps stability.. when I had to rely on RAM sinks to keep my system stable is when I would take that as indication that I am pushing my system a bit far.. Just a personal opinion
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I can see water cooling the CPU and maybe the vid card GPU, but I doubt the motherboard needs water cooled. Kind of mega overkill. But, you should at least put a heatsink and fan on the motherboard's northbridge chip though. Most already have a "greenie" sink, if so, just install a 40mm fan onto the sink using the right size screws. Also, a Blue Orb works good as a chipset cooler too. If you're concerned with the RAM, just position a fan to blow across the modules, but I doubt it'll be a problem if you already have good case cooling.