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Motherboard dead?

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Jun 7, 2002
I currently have a MSI KT333 Ultra. A few days ago when I started getting errors on my hard drive. The drive was only for storage but would not let me access it anymore. Then My hard drive Windows was isntalled on started havign the same problems, Blue screens, startup hard drive checks etc...

I decided to format. In case I had a virus I used killdisk to completely format the hard drive. Now when I try to install Windows XP Pro, it gives me either a blue screen eroor saying my computer has been shutdown to protect the it, or it says it cannot copy the file sucessfully.

I know it is not the Hard drive, CD, CD rom since I tested them all on anther computer and I was able to install WIn XP fine.

I believe my Motherboard is causing the problem. Is there anyway to fix this prblem without sending it back to MSI?

Someone recomended clearing the MBR with FDisk, but I dont know the command.

AMD T-Bird 1.4
MSI KT333 Ultra-R
512 Crucial DDR PC2100
Maxtor 40gig 7200 RPM
Radeon 8500LE 128meg
Soundlbaster Live!
Creative CD-RW


Apr 6, 2001
Firstly the symptoms described are those of instability and the cause will either be the proc is too hot or the psu is not giving the right kind of power on the 5&3.3V line. You don't say what psu you have, so cannot comment. If you are doing any kind of installation of software you should never be in an oc'ed state unless you are 100% certain of the stability of the system.
First thing to do is go into Health check and have a look at your cpu temp and at your 5V line reading. The T'bird 1.4 is famous for high temps and is a real power guzzler as well. If your temps are rising rapidly, whilst watching and getting into the 60'sC then the problem is temp related and you will need to re-install your HSF or replace with a better HSF. If your 5V line readings are running in the 4.7's then your probably have a power issue. Tell us what you find and how you get on.