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Motherboard Fan Voltages

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Jan 21, 2002
Rijeka, Croatia
I've written an article about cooler overvolting, and sent it to Joe... :)

Anyway, I've overvolted more than 10 coolers till today... And, only one had a sensor (others were oldies!)... :)) I've measured the rpm, and, the results were very good!

Cooler was copper orb (I think, anyway, some Titan sh*t), rotating at 5000rpm... And, overvolted it rotated at 7500rpm!

Overvolted to 24V... I didn't test it at 17V, but could be around 6000rpm...

Now, I think I'll write an article about DC brushless motors, so people don't think they can burn cooler just by overvolting it! :))

But, I'll need some time, now are exams, and nothing could be done till the end of February... :(

Anyway, I'll do my best to write this article on english... :) It'll be pretty hard, but I'll give it a try... :)

See you guys!


Mysteriously Changing Senior
Dec 19, 2000
In Thelemac's Basement Eating the Chickens
I found some interesting results like you had suggested. My buddies dual athlon system runs cooler under load due to the increased voltage of the 12v rail. I thought something was wrong with the temp sensors at first but then I tried 2 different sensors and found this to be true.