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Motherboard Moniter vs. Hardware Dr. and BIOS

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New Member
Dec 21, 2000
What is the difference between Mbrd. Moniter, Hardware Dr. and BIOS. I have just added two 80mm case fans and an alpha p3175 hsf to my pIII 600 and abit be6-II.
BIOS cpu temp. dropped from 51C to 39C idle
Hardware Dr. shows 35C from 45C idle
Mbrd. Moniter shows no change 71C w/ alarm
case temps for all three are close.

Do all of these programs take readings from the same sensors? Can I check to make sure sensors are making good contact or is it all internal to the cpu? Everyone seems to think Mbrd. Moniter is the best, whats the difference?

MBM may be monitoring the wrong sensor. Also are you running Hardware DR and MBM at the same time? Hardware Monitoring programs quite frequently don't get along with each other when running at the same time.
Assuming that your Bios handles the temp reporting accurately, always believe what Bios reports before any temp monitoring program.
All software monitoring progs get their information from Bios. This doesn't mean that they handle what's reported by Bios correctly. Some progs, including MBM allow you to dial in compensation. This makes MBM report what it gets from Bios accurately.

You should uninstall a temp monitoring program before installing a replacement for it.

A case temp alarm should be set to 47C. Max, in Temperate Lattitudes.
I am not running MBM and Hdwr. Dr. at the same time, but both are installed on comp. I will uninstall Hdwr. Dr. and see what MBM reads. Is MBM better, what are the benefits?
Thanks for the help.
i uninstalled Hrdw. Dr. and installed MBM. as soon as i set sensor 2 and applied, it went to 70C and the alarm went off. my machine had not been running for more than 3-4 min. any thoughts? again, thank you.
sounds like either MBMs correction factor is off, or your computer has nothing attatched to sensor2 and its defaulting to a super high temp. MBM is probably the best around for monitoring, you are using the latest version correct? It may be that you only have a sensor1, or a sensor1 and 3 that work, you could enable all the sensors, if two of them have reasonable vaules (like 40C for one and 30C for the other) you've found the motherboard and chip temp sensors.
Mike i think you are right. the first and third sensors are right in line w/ my bios temps. i try to set 4 through 10, but they all default back to none. sensor 2 must be defaulting high. thank you all for your help.