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motherboard monitor ka-266-r mobo?

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Mar 19, 2001
I have a Ka-266-r mobo and I cant find a monitor that will work for it=[

if theres anyone out there that is using a ka-266-r mobo and got I monitor for it I would realy like to know what it is called......
You've got two options.

Ali's own Hardware Monitor that ships on the CD supplied with the Mobo.
A basic util that does the job, but the shipped one can cause shutdown problems. There is an email address in the readme file. Email them and they'll send you the latest version.

Option 2 is Motherboard Monitor 5 and the Ali module.
It works ok for temps but is a bit off with the voltages.

search google for Motherboard Monitor and you'll find what you need.
well I was going to use the monitor that came with the cd but there is no hardware monitor that came with the CD I got

I also looked in the CD and there was hardware monitors that came with different motherboard but not mine

I dont understand in the manual it even says it comes with a monitor for my board

so I guess Im stuck with the downloadable Hardware Monitor 5
so I d/l it thin what do I do after it is installed?
do I have to d/l something else?
MBM 5.05 can be obtained from the author's website here:

What gets me, there is NO link to the additional dll and ini files that are needed for the newer chipsets. And the link where I found it at OC.com is now gone. So I'll stick the zip file on my webspace. Download the beta ALI files here:
Unzip and read the instructions for how to install the add-on for the ALI chipset (you need to install MBM5 first, then add the new dll).

This thread has a description on how to set up MBM to shutdown automatically at a temp you choose WITHOUT using the secondary program "Shutdown Now!"

If you're set on using the Iwill Monitor program, this thread has a link to the updated version so you don't have to email them. :)

The CPU temp seems to work fine for both, but I think there's something wierd going on with the system temp thermistor or MBM - mine is reported at about 33C, when I have a senfu temp probe sitting inside the case right next to the system thermistor that tells me it's 25C.