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Motherboard Upgrade?

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Mar 14, 2002
As of right now, my motherboard is rather limiting. The FSB only goes to 112MHZ, which gets my 850 T-Bird up to 952. I was looking into changing my multiplier and VCore to up my speed a bit, but my ESC K7VMA based on the VIA KT133 doesn't allow it. I looked into changing the multiplier using bridges, but that is a cumbersome method. What motherboards can I upgrade to?

A) I'm currently using PC133 SDRAM.

B) My processor is, as stated, an 850mhz T-Bird.

Would a ECS K7VTA3 -- VIA KT266A work for me? I'm looking for the ability to upgrade processors eventually. If not, what is a good alternative?


Senior Member
Oct 5, 2001
Ottawa, Canada
It really depends. I would recommend that you go with the Epox 8K3A+ w/ Kingmax PC2700 ram. This is a totally new chipset (KT333), and supporting PC2700/DDR333 ram. The new DDR ram will give you a very good jump from SDRam. Although what I'm still pondering if your Tbird 850 will make use with it. Although this is how I made use of mine: I unlocked it dropped the multiplier to a resonable rate and up the fsb to 166 then I went higher, then I cranked up the multiplier to make use of DDR Ram.

Another thing you should think of to invest to is the Duron Morgan 1gig. Their dirt cheap, 39.99 USD.