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mountain dew+monitor=gone for good?

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Nov 10, 2002
I spilled mountain dew in one of my monitors and it smoked a little bit and now it wont work. anyone ever done this or know if it is fixable or anything ........................ thx
First rule of computing: smoke = bad.

You could've just blown the fuse out. If you've got your heart set on keeping the monitor, then you could take it to a TV Repair Specialist and see if they can do anything for you. Other than that, it's usually cheaper to just buy a new monitor.

But seriously, don't open it up yourself. There's 1,000s of volts of electricity running rampant inside that thing, and all it takes is a slight mistake with the screwdriver to turn you into to crispy critters. :eek:
q149 said:
I spilled mountain dew in one of my monitors and it smoked a little bit and now it wont work. anyone ever done this or know if it is fixable or anything ........................ thx

Don't try and fix it yourself. Buy a new one or take it into a store and see how much it will cost between fixing it and getting a new one. You will probably be better just buying a new one.

Now, may I ask how you managed to spill Mnt. Dew in your monitor?
I spilled coke on my monitor before too. Same result, when i openned the case I had stings of sugar all over the place, looks cool :) anyways chances are you need a new monitor. When I told a repair tech on the phone what happened, he laughed.
i had a mountain dew sitting on the desk above the monitor and it fell off and spilled all into my monitor.
Oh well, i guess ill just have to smash it liek on office space or somethin
You guys should just drink plain water! It's cheaper, and it doesn't short thing as easily. I spilled water all over my keyboard and some splashed on my new k7D!!! There was a decent amount, all over the one DIMM and around that area of the board, I shut it down to and let it dry out to make sure nothing happened, and in the mourning I started her up and everything was fine! keyboard too!

Most likely if it smoked you burned something that's needed for it's operation, do you still have a warranty?
i dont think i have a warranty cause it is kinda old, and i never fill out those warranty card things
oh well at least it was only a 17 inch anyway
Henry Rollins by N/A in you profile does tgar mean "really old"....:p Just messin man, but wher your from? In my parts soda pop is used by the old folks. O well!;) :p ;) :eh?:

Ur monitor seems to be fried...but I also got a funny story about drinks a electrical components...

I was working on my old gateway and it was wide open doing a full spread on the carpet half way under a table....right on the edge of the table was a nearly full 20oz bottle of Mountain Dew Code Red (love the stuff...Im as addicted to the drink as it is to me) and my then my 98 lbs. black lab came charging in wanting to play.....before I knew it his massive tail smacked the mountain dew into the case, seeing as how the bottle was freshly opened it fizzed like a mother and nearly the whole thing emtied into the case.

Can you say Im an idiot?? Sure ya can:D

I still love my dog, but the door is staying locked.........