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Mounting an 80mm fan on a heatsink

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Dec 17, 2000
Here's a cheap and easy way to mount an 80mm fan on flat-top heatseat designed for a 60mm fan. Pick up a pack of metal mirror clips at the hardware store -- the ones I found are Bulldog brand, part no. BL30885 (size about 25mm long, 10mm wide, price was CAN$1.69). Conveniently they come in a pack of four. They are 'stepped' shape, designed to mount a mirror flat on the wall. There's a hole at one end. All you need to do is drill another hole the same size and position at the other end. Attach the clips to the heatsink (not too tight), align the 80mm fan and attach it to the clips ", wiggle everything around 'til it's centred and square, then slip your screwdriver down between the blades of the fan and tighten the screws into the heatsink. You're ready to go.
where you buy your supplies? i noticed you live in canada. well i assume you do. like mobo's and stuff. other than ebay i cant find many other good sites.
Have a look at pccanada.com -- https://shop.pccanada.com/sp_misc.shtml They have the best all-round selection and prices I've found for a Canadian e-merchant.

I bought my Duron 600 ($89) and Asus A7V ($214) from them several months ago ($15 shipping). They now have the newer boards.

All prices are Canadian. For our international friends who'd like to check the prices, an easy currency converter is at http://www.xe.com/ucc/
Thanks for the tip, sleddog! I've been puzzling over this for months. PelTEC, OCAU, etc. My Delta 38 cfm needs a new home. In somebody else's box! Man, it's an annoying SOB.
Recently there were renovations done where I work. For two days I listened to a guy with a power circular saw going at it next door (about 10 feet away). The only difference between that and the Delta is that the Delta doesn't take breaks :)

Mine is now on the shelf, marked "For emergency use only".