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·Mounting Qs·

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Sep 14, 2003
In a box
Okay, I got a quick question about mounting heatsinks on a GPU.

What would you need to mount something? For instance, like the bar, spacers, washers? What sizes do you need? And in what order do you put them on? Thanks!
from what ive heard, people jsut use a dab of super glue in the corners, and that does the trick. of course, i dont know exactly what your doing.
Don't use the superglue on a GPU, that's for ram and the south bridge.

For the GPU if you're making (modding) a heatsink just drill holes in the HS that coincide with the holes on your graphics card, then use plastic bolts/nuts to secure the HS to the board.

If you wanna get a real good mount you can make a backpanel thing like the ones that come with thermalright processors (the black X plates...)
You would want to either use the pins (usualy thats what it is) that came with it or screws (steel or nylon whatever) and plastic spacers so you don't mess up the traces (not necissary but recommended:p). Just make holes in the HS wherr they need to be or use the ones provided.
this is what I got from a friend--is it correct?


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