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SOLVED Mouse goes veryyyyyy slow and beep beep beep sounds from speaker

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Feb 29, 2016
It happened 2-3 times this week. I have no clue what is causing this...

I recently overclocked my cpu. It never happened before.. I'm wondering if this is related.

Had to reboot the computer.
beep beep beep sound from the speakers

That is just the backup alarm telling the slower computers to get out of the way.:D

In all seriousness though if you think it is related to the overclock have you tried setting your system back to stock to see if it goes away.
Have you checked RAM. I've had random scenarios where I thought a keyboard, or a mouse has gone bad, and a stick of ram was bad or loose in each occasion. Just a suggestion.
I would also check for viruses and malware, especially root kits.

You might also see if there is a newer bios version for your motherboard or newer chipset drivers on the board manufacturer's website.
Maybe should I raise the cpu voltage a tiny bit ?
My first thought was instability of the overclock, but you sound like you've got it pretty stable. It might help to up the voltage, but will raise your Temps as well.

+1 to Lochekey and reverting to stock to see if it fixes the issue. If reverting to stock doesn't fix the issue then you know your overclock isn't to blame
I have the same issue after reverting to stock.

I did try clean install of audio/video/xbox drivers. I did even try to run a Windows repair. Same issue. That's frustrating.
What about a different keyboard and mouse? Drivers and overclock are ruled out. Time to check hardware.

Edit:The only other option that I know of is a fresh install of Windows -- or maybe reverting to a restore point before the problem -- maybe someone else will chime in though
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Replaced the mouse. Same issue. This situation is so frustrating.
Will do a fresh install if Windows this weekend.