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Mouse rebrands

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Jan 1, 2017
Dose this really happen that often, or is this a rare case?

I bought a Rosewill RGM-300 at a local computer shop about a month ago, great little cheap mouse so far IMO; feels good in the hand and has a little weight to it with it's integrated adjustable weight system on the bottom.

A week after I got the mouse, Linus Tech Tips had a "cheap gaming mouse shootout" video on YouTube, and I noticed the Redragon M601 that was featured looked strangely similar to the Rosewill. I didn't think much about it at the time.

Well the other day I happen to catch ANOTHER Linus video where he reviewed the MSI Trident 3 and showed the mouse that comes with it, and it looks strikingly similar as well; he even mentions the same adjustable weight system on the bottom. After some quick Googling I found the model, MSI Interceptor DS B1, and damn if it isn't the same mouse as well.

So far that's 3 mice that I've found that are the same darn thing aside from some colored plastic parts and the shine-through logo on the palm area, from various manufactures, surprised to see MSI in that group since, even though I'm not too keen on MSI's products, I sort of saw them as a little better than rebranded cheap China junk...

I just found it interesting and somewhat funny. Not saying anything bad about the mouse/mice, not sure if any one is built worse than another or better than another, all that I own is the Rosewill variation, but this makes me want to try the other two. The Rosewill, to me, is actually very decent for the price.

I'll let you decide...

The Rosewill RGM-300




The Redragon M601




And the MSI Interceptor DS B1





Senior Member
Dec 27, 2008
I guess I'm not surprised at this. Many products we use everyday, not just in computing, are all made by a few companies and rebranded. Take auto batteries for instance.


Senior Member
Dec 27, 2008
Motherboards have been rebranded for a long time. The mass pc producers like Dell, HP, etc. don't make their own motherboards. Foxconn, Pegasis and ASRock have made motherboards for the big PC companies for years and years.