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mouspads neoprene?

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Sep 9, 2002
under the floorboards
Would mouspads work in for neprene pads for insulation? Im in the process of insulating my cpu, but I need neoprene- I seem to recall that most mousepads are made of neoprene, but Im not sure.


Underwater Senior Member
Nov 29, 2001
Yeah, they are neoprene, but according to "puting the heads together" in another thread, there's far different types of neoprene. Some are just sponge like mousepads are, which I wouldn't recommend, and some are waterproof/airtight, which is what's needed.
The intent is to stop air from infiltrating the socket area, and carrying moisture with it. In my own oppinion, mousepads aren't good enough to stop this. Also, if it's not airtight, it's not the best insulator either.

If you can blow air through, however slowly, it's the wrong neoprene.


Has slightly less legible writing than Thideras
Mar 12, 2002
yes mouse pads are neoprine foam where as what we use is neoprine rubber its more dense thus air cant move through it and beacouse of this its also got 10x the heat transfer resistance. mouse pad works Ok if your doing something like a pelt but if your gong to be doing super sub zero be prepaired to shell out a bit of cash.


May 8, 2002
I wouldn't dare to use mousepads "neoprene" for any insulating what so ever. I consider it to be "sponge" material.

Real neoprene, for diving equipment(watertight/airtight) cost a small fortune. Like one squarefoot can easily cost $10-20. Why on earth should mousemats be so cheap if it has the same/equal material??

If mousepads acutually contained material with simillar properties, we would se alot of DIY divers with suits made/repaired from discarded mousepads !!!! :D