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Moving from AS3 to AS5

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Aug 3, 2003
I've been trying to find a good write-up on how to apply and burn-in AS5, but to no avail.

Should i apply it like i do the AS3, i.e. with a razor blade, and only cover the area around the core? Or should i apply it to the whole sink, or what.

Help a brotha out.


Jan 5, 2004
whole sink... then take a papertowel and wipe the sink.. then use a thing like a razor and apply a coat enough that the core isnt visible all you see on the core is AS5..

I run a 6 inch duct booster as my case fan and then a Thermaltake TR2-M4.. half speed on my CPU and i lapped the sink with 60,100,150,200,300,400,450, grit papers wet sanding.. and then the AS5 as i mentioned above.. my temps during 3dmark 2001 were: 124 degrees F/51C... my ambient temp in the room was 75..

Systemspecs in sig.. i did what the instructions on the site they have said.. to apply it.. i also took apart the sink and took off the copper plate, rubbed off both the sink and the plate the paste inbetween and then applied AS5 (a good amount) and then screwed it back in.. all the stuff that was squeezed out, a papertowel could fix.. runs nice...


Senior Member overclocking at t
Jun 14, 2004
Here is the site for applying AS5, you dont need to put it on the HS(it's that thick), but I do tint it cause I am nutty like that. And I use a clean card (razor works just fine), and put a layer about the thickness of sheet of paper on just the core. If you have lapped the HS then use a lighter coat. Remeber to use a proper cleaning agent on the sufaces, I used 91% alcohol.
The site is pretty detailed on apllication methods. If you follow the instructions to the letter you will get great results.