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Moving Hard DRives to Make Room For Front Fan

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New Member
Mar 24, 2002
Lehigh Acres , Florida
Hi I tried to implement the first stage of a Modification to my case.In which i have to move the H/Drives and cooler up into the top cage.Unfortunatly its to much of a squeeze.I don`t know if this is possible but there is a like a platform that sits underneath the cage.Could this be re-positioned or done away with and the bottom of the cage be cut out.This then would give me room to mount the drives / cooler / floppy in that area.
u could try i would cute that cadge out and solder it on the bottom like u said then that would work :D just make sure ur hard drive has room to breath and dont let it touch the case for saftey reasons
Thanks Obayme.
it seems i don`t have a sig yet :( ,so sorry you never had the chance to know what my case is . SO hear it is :D long hand:
OH MY now i do (ain`t this fun)
System Specs:Main Puter
main board= Epox 8KHA+
cpu= amd XP2000+
ram= 2 sticks 256 meg crucial , 2100 ddr cas2.5
nic= netgear
sound= philips acoustic edge
scsi controller = adaptec 29160 UW 160
hd 1 = 20 gig ibm Ultrastar scsi 160 10,000 rpm
hd 2 = 60 gig ibm Deskstar IDE ata100 7,200 rpm
std floppy
vid = elsa 920 ge-force 3
cd rom = plextor ultraplex 40 max scsi
cdrw = plextor plexwriter 12/4/32 scsi
running win 2000 pro SR2
power supply = Antec 400w
CASE!!!!! = Koolance PC2-601 cpu/gpu/nb/hd coolers (Its the ANTEC)
Fans = 2 Panaflo L1A rear mounted , blowing into case
klipse 4.1 pro-media speakers
Keytronic (Lifetime Series) Keyboard
Logitech Trackman Cordless FX
Monitor: Samsung 1100p+
Digidoc5 monitoring cpu/gpu/hd1/hd2/interior/exterior
youre comp is has almost the same stuff as i have besides the vid cardi have a geforce 4 ti 4600 and a few other minur things so i have a good idea what ur comp looks like, on my case my bay for my hard drive u can slide of wich is pretty neat ur might do that same it wont hurt to try
Yep but thats not the problem
what it is , I want to get rid of the bottom of the 2 cages all together and modify the 1 top cage like i described . I really wanted a clarification as to weather it was possible before i got the chainsaw out :D (jk.)
ahhhhhh i understand perfectly now on those cges where u put ur hdd floppy cd rom ect they have a bottom on then u want to know if its ok to cut that bottom on on the bottom cages then yes that would have no affect what so ever on the case personallyi think those bottom peices anoy me they get in my way and room like u describbed so ya get that chainsaw out and start cuttin :D :D :burn:
Welcome to the forum!

Another idea.
There are bays that will let you fit 3 3.5" drives in 2 5.25 bays. There are also some that mount the drives sideways and let you have 5 drives in 3 bays. These are a little expensive, but I think one could be built with some sheet metal. Here are some pictures of them

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Cabmeister said:
Hi Ridenow
Thanks for the idea`s most welcome .I do apologise for the blunder on the sig and will take care of that error imediately.
I don't think I would call it an error, more of an omission, no biggie.

You are welcome for the idea, that is what we are here for;) I also realized that if a home made one was built then there would be no backplane, therefore other 3.5" drives, like a floppy drive, could be mounted in that bracket. Now you have me thinking of doing that on my own computer.