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Mp3 CD's

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May 12, 2003
Virginia Beach
i hae XP Pro, also i have ahead nero 5, and i have easy cd creator
and neither one of them have the option to make an mp3 cd, u c, my car is capable of playing mp3 cd's and i figure i could get a lot more songs that way, how would i go about doing that?


Senior Punk
Aug 27, 2001
Dark side of hell
Welcome to the forums:D:D:D

You can use XP or Nero just put the files on the cd-r. I do not know if they can be read inside of nested folders. Although The cd player should be abvle to read them in folders. Maybe someone else can answer that.:D


Apr 20, 2003
Read the manual for the player. some dont like files in root and others can only recognize so many directory layers. Also you will want to make sure the player can read id3 tags or display long filenames, otherwise the filename will get truncated and it will be hard to tell what song or album your on until you listen to it.

Captain Slug

Helpful Senior Member
May 23, 2001
Asteroid B-612
My MP3 CD player has the option of using the tags, or the file names. But I find it easiest to make the CD with...
1. a folder for each artist
2. rename the files to JUST the name of that song
3. stuff the songs in the correct artist folder

This makes it much easier to find a song since I don't have to poke through the whol list. I just select a directory(artist) then a title.
And don't try to squeeze more than 650mb onto one disk, you're more likely to get skipping if you get too close to the 700mb limit.