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MSI 8800GT (G92) thermal paste

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Oct 11, 2002
The Empire State
Well, since the main is down for a while, figured I'd redo the thermal goop on the video card. I took some shots, so I'll post them up when the main is running.

A member here was gracious enough to give me an HR-03 R600 complete with ramsinks :D. I modded the mounting for my X1800XT, and used the ramsinks on the 8800GT which look really nice. The thermal grease on the 8800GT is that AS5 wanna be paste that's dried out. I dunno, someone here stated that the workers on the assembly line who's job it is to apply the thermal grease and mount the cooler must either be idiots, or circus monkeys the way the stuff was just glopped on :rolleyes:

I hope I get better temps along with higher clocks after this. We shall see :)
LOL, hell yeah. It's prolly because they're on an assembly line and they're doing like a dozen cards at once :rolleyes:
It almost looks like they take precut disks of a clay-like paste, and just slap it on the core. The when I replaced the paste on my gfx card, Idle temps barely budged, but load temps dropped by as much as 25c, depending on how hard I pushed it.
Damn good thing I just bought a waterblock for my card. Cant wait to crack it open and see what all this talk is about.
Well after about an hour of UT3, card clocked @ 740/1900/2000, fan @ 70%, I'm happy to say card doesn't pass 47c loaded and idles @ a cool 32c :D

Here are the pics with the sinks. There's 2 ram chips i could'nt get a sink on cuz of the cooler. I don't have my dremel so i can't add them. I'll pick up my dremel soon and finish it.
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