MSI Afterburner Settings at Startup

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Jan 14, 2015
I have an MSI RX-480 Gaming X 8g, overclocked to 1380 MHz / 2150 MHz, with +20% on the power, and an extra 50 millivolts. This makes it basically equal to an RX-580 Gaming X 8g, and it has proven to be stable over several days, in many games and benchmarks.

I have Afterburner set to apply those settings at startup, which works fine, but I'm curious about something. Those settings get applied just fine, without Afterburner running at startup, but I can't figure out where this happens. I can't find anything in the registry that triggers the settings, nor is there anything in any of the startup folders. I also can't find a service or process that seems to apply those settings.

So, exactly how is that the settings get applied without Afterburner running at startup???