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MSI Armor Rx480 in Crossfire X up and rolling

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Senior Member
Dec 27, 2008
Picked up one of these cards a month or so ago off NewEgg sale + rebate and then another a week or so ago off classies. Total is under $300. Man, does it give my benchmarks in Heaven, Valley and 3DMark a kick in the pants! Only helps a little in Project Cars, however, so that game is either CPU bound or doesn't benefit much from dual cards or at least not dual AMD cards.
Curious why you chose to go multi-gpu at 1080p and take on all the potential issues, particularly with scaling these days. Generally, people shy away from (we certainly tell them it's not worth it!!) such setups unless it's 4k due to the potential pitfalls of multi gpu use (lack of scaling/no scaling in titles, power use, heat dissipation, etc).

Also, 4gb versions... with all that horsepower, you can easily crank settings at 1080 and then your vram can become an issue...
It was cheap. No problems at all so far. I think AMD has gotten a lot of the bugs out of their early on Rx 4xx drivers. I may not keep both cards. Just wanted to try it for the experience.