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MSI GE72 2QD 120hz panel upgrade

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Feb 18, 2010
I just wanted to put this information out here on the internet just in case anyone ever had a need for it. As I searched high and low personally while doing this and never found anything.

As a note this should work for all 17.3" msi laptops, but I suggest opening your machine and verifying that the the video output on your motherboard is indeed a 40 pin connection.

Cable needed is part number K1N-3040068-H39

120hz screen part number is N173HHE-G32

These parts will allow you to have a 120hz screen in any msi 17.3 notebook. It also retains the factory screen brightness controls.

I would rate the difficulty of install as a 4 out of 5 as you have to disassemble much of the computer to complete the install. I will list the steps. Unfortunately I did not take pictures.

1. Remove the base cover (there are videos of how to do this on youtube if you need it)

2. disconnect and remove the battery

3. Disconnect the video output cable and the wifi antenna connections (for the video cable it is just a little plastic flap that must be flipped up then it pulls out)

4. remove the heatsink/fans assembly (you will need thermal paste to reinstall)

5. Flip the laptop over and open the screen as far as it will open

6. Use a soft pry tool and insert it at the base near the hinge. work your way around the outside of the front bezel un-clipping the tabs. Be careful as you do not want to break them. Once you have them all un-clipped you can peel the bezel from the back cover. It has double sided tape on the screen that helps hold it in place

7. remove the screws for the screen. This will require you to remove all the hinge screws in this area also to get the screen out.

8. Disconnect the 30 pin screen connector on the back of the screen. If you are careful you can do it without damaging the screen or cable which can be resold to get some money back from the upgrade. Disconnect the portion that goes to the webcam also.

9. You will need to remove the hinge that is on the side of the video cable. It can be a little hard to get out. You must turn it until you get it at the right angle to pull it out.

10. Remove the old video cable and install the new 40 pin cable into its slot in the motherboard. Make sure that the cable is installed properly (pins facing down in my application)

11. Clean the old thermal paste from the cpu and gpu dies and the heatsink. Reapply new thermal paste and reinstall the heatsink. Do not forget to hook the fans back up to the motherboard.

12. Tuck the wifi antenna cables and the new video cable into their holders on the heatsink assembly. Reinstall the hinge that you removed. Make sure that you do not pinch the cables with the hinge when it is installed.

13. Reinstall the back cover to the hinges, as the new screen has different mounting locations that do not require the removal of the hinges for installation/removal

14. Hook up the new screen and the webcam connector. Screw the screen into place with the screws from the original screen.

15. I suggest waiting to install the front bezel until after you test it for functionality, so I would now install the battery and test the new screen for functionality. Once you verified it functions, reinstall the front bezel and the bottom cover.

I hope that this helps someone out there who is looking for this like I was.