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MSI H81M-E34 For OC? (Pentium G3258)

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New Member
Mar 31, 2017
In my setup is the MSI H81M-E34 Motherboard, and I'm using the pentium G3258 Processor. I am a first time overclocker and I got this Processor specifically for its overclocking potential, as I hear people are able to get 4.2 GHz and even a little bit more on the stock cooler. After I had ordered the processor I was making sure that I would be able to OC and I read 2-3 posts on the internet of people saying that the H81 chipset boards are not able to overclock seemingly at all? I cant quite remember but I think they had said that these motherboards have lost their overclocking functionality due to an update. But there seems to be no issue getting into the overclocking settings on my board itself, and I read where a good number of people have claimed that they have overclocked the processor on this board themselves seemingly without issue. I decided to just try overclock it a little bit just to try it out and I have raised it from 3.2 ghz to 3.5 without changing the Volts and the highest temp I've seen was like 130. So basically what I'm asking is, is it safe to continue with overclocking on this board? Or should I lower it back down to stock clock speed and just invest in a new processor? It would suck if it is the latter.

I apologize in advance if this is in the wrong section.