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MSI K7D master ram timings

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Dec 31, 2001
I have the k7d master board with pc2100 ecc registered ram

I can run (am running) the board @ 150 fsb with default ram timings. If I switch to manual timings... and don't even change the settings it won't boot!!!


would everyone with this board please share their ram timings.
I'm still loading my OS, but have you tried setting it to manual then setting the timings really relaxed? because IIRC as soon as I went to manual they looked somewhat average....try setting the first 2 to 16 and make sure it's CAS2.5
On my K7D Masters, I always use these timings.

16,6,5,2,2,2 (best) or 16,16,6,2,2,2 or 16,16,6,2,2,2,3 depending on the RAM and the FSB.

I have two boxes with Samsung Reg ECC PC2700. They are overclocked to 144 and 150 FSB.

I have one box with Crucial Reg ECC PC2100, it is not overclocked, but runs stable with 16,16,6,2,2,2,3.
I'm at school right now.. so i can't try it out.. but I do know that i was running the first one at 8 and that was probably my problem.

you can get CL2 with crucial ecc registered ram ! .... sweet... hopefully i can also.
Yeah, I've got two 512 MB sticks and both will run 16,16,6,2,2,2,3 with no problems.

I can probably do 16,16,6,2,2,2,2 or 16,16,5,2,2,2,2 but I haven't tried it yet.