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MSI K7D - will a big heatsink fit?

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Nov 9, 2002
Scottsdale, AZ
I've been looking at parts for the next system I will build, and I'm seriously tempted by a dual-processor setup. The MSI K7D seems to be very highly recommended hereabouts.

What I'm wondering about is will there be enough room in the processor areas of the board to fit in two Swiftech MCX462+ heatskinks?
Thanks, all.
hmmm although I have never used one of those they look to be pretty big so I would doubt it...they about the size of AX-7s I believe and if they are then they wouldn't fit unless you hack away at it with a dremel...


Can you guesstimate offhand how big of a clearance the board does have for heatsinks?

Or better yet, offer suggestions of heatshinks that do fit and work reasonably well for moderate amounts of noise?


I notice in your signature you list Thermalright SLK700s. How do you like em? Do they perform well for you? What fans do you have on them, and how loud are they?
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I love my SLK-700s....I got 80mm Panaflo 40CFM fans on them and they are fairly quiet...think they like 35dbs or somtihing, not bad at all...

my temps are 33C and 40C full load so they doing a great job and that is overclocked to 1.725Ghz :D

but they are a VERY close fit...took about 20 min and a lot of cursing for me to get them in but eventually I figured out away to get them in and now I glad that I did it:D

Any 80MM heatsink is going to be a tight fit. Alpha's and Swifty's won't make it on w/o modfication.

SLK 800's are on the table for me when I go to faster chips, I think.
I just pulled my pair of Millennium Glaciators off (switched to H20) my K7D....they fit easily. It's a bit of a bugger getting the clip on/off the second CPU socket (because of the proximity of the I/O ports), but other than that...worked fine.

I am using Titan D-5T(80 mm fan). I had to modify one of them to fit, using a $1 file and about 5 minutes of work. So no Dremel here. They are very very quiet. And cheap too.
I use SVC GC68's on my wife's dual XP1600's@1533 (using Panaflo L1A 80mm fans) and my file server, dual XP1800's @ stock (using stock fans.) They are about $6/piece from svcompucycle. Can't overclock with them too much, but they are cheap, quiet and fit easily.
I use the Coolermaster hcc-002's. The only modification I had to make was the cpu socket 1 (next to the ram) had to bend the thumb tab the clip up to prevent it from hitting the ram. These hsf's are awesome, My setup is o/c'ed to 1728 and my temps are running 38c at full load 24/7. All I have for case fans is two exhaust and two intakes. The hcc-002's are solid copper and don't need any lapping straight out of the box. I'm also using Antec Reference silver thermal compound, which in my opinion has performed just as good as Arctic Silver3:)
there's no chance two ax7's will fit is there?
i started another thread a while back, and someone posted a compatability link for the ax7 and the KD7 was on it

but now i'm hearing that it WONT fit

what's the final answer?
It will fit, but you'll need to chop a corner off one of the AX7's (or bend it out of the way.)

It's not too hard, I've heard.
I built a system with a K7D master (i liked it so much I have one coming for myself tomorrow) but we could not fit the origional Swiftec heatsinks on it. I do not remember what they are called but it is the one that fits threw the mobo holes and screws on the back. There is a heatsink on the MOSFITs on the top one that is in the was and a cap. The bottom one there is a cap that is in the way. I was going to solder the cap some place else and cut the heatsink but I am glad that I didn't. The board died an hour after the system was put together.