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MSI K7T Pro 2-A and weird O/C problem

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New Member
Dec 25, 2000
I've got a Duron 600 and an MSI K7T Pro 2-A mobo. I can get the Duron to run fine at 900, but here's the problem. If I turn off the computer, it won't post anymore. I have to clear the BIOS, then set all my settings. Save and exit. Then, I go back in, set the voltage to 1.7 and clock multiplier at 7. save and exit. go back in, then set to multiplier to 8 (or 9, i forgot if i had to do it in that exact increment). Then, I can get it to start at 900MHz. Weird. It's becoming a hassle, as now i have to keep my case open so when i restart my computer. so right now i only have my duron running at 600. oh yeah, I have the latest BIOS update.

Help Please?
I can't think of anyway to fix your problem. Mostly because I'm not sure what is causing it. I will say that a different MoBo should fix the problem. Auction the MoBo off on Ebay (try to get 50% of what you paid for it) and dump some cash in to an A7V or KT7 . . . . . .
Wait, I know what it is . . . . . .

Hack the L7 bridges to make the MoBo think the chips default voltage is higher. Yeah, that should fix it. If you connect all the L7s it will trick the MoBo in to thinking it should run at 1.85V then when it boots the Bios will lower the voltage to whatever you have it set at. I've heard of this happening on other boards with Duron600s that set voltage in the BIOS. trust me this will work.

Go here if you want to verify that the L7s control voltage. http://www.anandtech.com/showdoc.html?i=1345&p=4
Try the processor voltage hack like suggested earlier, it may work...
Here's the thing though--it shouldn't be doing that...the board you have is very good and stable--like the A7V and KT7
You may be having stability problems in general--bios crashes generally point to that...
It's one thing that a system boots up when overclocked, but it's another to make it rock stable...my little 700t-bird will boot fine at 950GHz but crashes constantly in windows--it does, however, run rock stable at 867MHz...
Go into windows and try to utterly destroy your system with benchmarks for hours...
If it survives, then the processor will run stable at 900, if it doesn't then you may have to tone it down a bit
ok. i'll try that. i don't mean to sound like an idiot though, but how would i go about doing it? i read about that pencil trick. do i just use a 0.5 lead pencil and trace the connections? or, is there a better/easier way? thanks.
Have the MSI k7t pro same problem if I have windows do a restart then when it starts turn it off w/ the switch it restarts fine
ah ic. well, i did the pencil trick on the L7 bridges, and success. it works. i was able to select up to 1.85v in the core voltage selection. now, i am able to run my duron 600 @ 950 stable at 1.85v. i'm trying to see if it will run fine at lower voltages.