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MSI K7T Turbo R available somewhere?

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Jan 1, 2001
Holland (Europe)
I have ordered the MSI K7 Turbo R mobo, but it is not available yet in Europe. has anybody seen this mobo already (for sale)?
I have just get the one ;) (Czech Republic) I will install it today, and let you know how it works ;)
Called several MSI Vendors in the area. Some didn't know about the Board. Called MSI direct. They said that it is suppose to ship this week to the states. MSI area rep e-mailed me & said the same thing.

When is the boat coming? I ordered an AsusA7V133A this past week.

YEAH..... RAID version... Great MoBo, my TB950 is running @114FSB = 1084 ROCK STABLE... I cannot go higher mainly because of memory (152/CAS2 is not bad at all ;) - What is wrong are BIOS settings - 1) No tweaking for memory (4way interleave etc.) means lower memory bandwith then Abit.... 2) Lovest multiplikator setting is 9 - BAD - I cannot go to 8*133 :-( ..3)And there is no possibility to disable the RAID (I have no disk on it and it is every time looking for a disk 4sec.... But overall I am much more satisfied then with ABIT - much more stable and I am able to go at higher freqency......
Interesting..Glad you like the mobo. Do you mean that you cannot lower the multiplier to F.g. 8x by means of the BIOS???? Did you unlock the L1 bridges? This should mean that you have an VIA KT133A mobo, but you are not able to run it at 133 or more, because of the multiplier settings. Am I correct on this?
It has nothing to do with L1 bridges (they are unlocked in my case) but with the MSI current BIOS version - read this:

One interesting note is that when we first received the motherboard, it was using BIOS revision 10D. Later on MSI sent us a BIOS update, revision 10E, to correct some performance issues with the original.. In both revisions, the multiplier ratio settings we were able to select in the BIOS were only default, or from 8.5 to 12.5. Therefore, with the old BIOS, you might not be able to lower the multiplier in order to take advantage of higher FSB speeds. For example, if you have a 1GHz (100MHz FSB) CPU and you want to run it at 133MHz FSB, you would be out of luck since the multiplier ratio is 10, and even if you unlocked the CPU, you will not be able to get the multiplier ratio down to 7.5 on the K7T Turbo.

That constraint could really be a problem for overclockers everywhere. For example, when we tried to run our FSB testing, we ran into problems where we couldn’t increase the FSB speed a lot since the lowest multiplier ratio we were able to achieve was 8.5.

Fortunately, after some discussion with MSI, they released another revision of the BIOS, 10F, which has multiplier ratios from 5 to 12.5 available. We immediately flashed the new BIOS and ran all the tests again.

(From www.anandtech.com) - hope they will release this BIOS soon...
Well, hope MSI will release this BIOS update soon. Strange mistake from them.
Just a question because I'm going to change my mobo for the first time. Did you encounter any installation or softwareproblems after replacing your mobo? Thanx
Actually I had various problems (mostly stability/compatibility) with the last MoBo (Abit KT7A) - but after replacing with MSI (without reinstalling anything) it is running flowlesly.... Except for BIOS settings (which I hope to be added soon, because MSI K7TPro2A has them) it si the best MoBo for AMD I have ever seen ;-)
Based on the Owner's Manual it seems that MSI has solved the multiplier issue. I just downloaded a copy from an MSI site and it states: CPU Clock Ratio: 5.5 to 12.5.
I will see what I get when I receive my K7T Turbo R.