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MSI K7T-TURBO-R {Check this OUT}

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Senior SMP Gawd
Jan 15, 2001
I had this board 45 minutes was unable to acess the bios no matter what i did,Called MSI thay were not surprised I had that problem,HAD no advice except to RMA that **** back to place of purchess !!!I also confronted them on the POST problem with the factory unlocked 1.2 266 fsb athlon,Thay said thay never tried that processor in there K&T_TURBO_R, I said , WHAT you gotta be kidding me You advertise processor speeds to 1500 but you never tried a 1.2 266 fsb???SO needless to say F%% that board and all there reviews,The worst comment thay made to me was thay dont endorse overclocking,I said OVERCLOCKING I am asking about a stock 1.2 266 fsb processor not an overclocked processor,He said SET JUMPER TO 100 NOT 133,That should fix it. I said Ok thats what I will do Buy a 266 fsb processor and a 266 fsb mother board and UNDERCLOCK MY ****!!MSI YOU SUCK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Any change your CLEAR BIOS jumper was set wrong. I have the same board ( no RAID version ) and the CLEAR BIOS jumper in the manual was labeled wrong. I checked the pin 1 marking on the board, and sure enough, the manual had it backwards.

I moved the jumper and got it to boot (except cold boot requires the ON button followed by the RESET button)

Hinge out
You should know this board would boot to windows and all programs worked fine!!!!I I installed my 30 gig with a current O/S and all my programs on it. I had no trouble at all, updated all drivers and was so happy it ran,I never put a hard drive on a new motherboard without a complete format !!And for the record I am on my NEW ABIT K7TA M/B,,,And I also slapped this drive in the same as i did on the MSI.Tommrow this puny 750 duron gets the boot and MY 1.2/266FSB processor will be HERE!!!!!Anybody as excited as me?? I have checked the fedex track # 25 times today lmfao !!!It gets closer by the hour !
I sweated over making a decision on a mother board, and after doing a search on this board and many others, I decided to go with the EPOX.
For some reason, it was the only one that people really didn't seem to have any trouble with except for switching over to 133 fsb. Which wasn't a problem for me.
Doing a search on this board for the iWill and MSI, and ABIT, will bring up abunch of posts with problems. More so the MSI. Abits I can understand, because there are soooooo many of them out there.
My next MOBO will be a ABIT of some flavor.
MSI K7T Turbo/ TB1.2 266FSB unlocked.
No problem whatso ever at default settings 9x133. Also when I set multiplier by hand at 9x

Multiplier settings only work correctly using old v22 BIOS.
BIOS v24 and beta BIOS's report incorrect settings.
9.5 gives 733 and 10x gives 800. 11x gives 1466. Damn things even boots at that speed. Will check stability later.

So no problems here, only the incorrect multiplier settings are annoying.