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SOLVED MSI K7T Turbo-Raid Problems

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Ok, i got my msi board a week ago. Slapped in a duron 700, 256mb crucial ram, fop38, voodoo3 2000, and an IBM 8gb 5400rpm drive. Have tons of trouble getting that friggin heatsink on, but finally do so. Plug everything up and turn on the power. Motherboard won't read the CPU. Oh crap, i think, I cracked my duron. So i "attempt" to get the fop out, but no go, that thing is not budging. So i wip out the dremel. I cover everything in the mobo with a towel except for the cpu socket and cut. I then use a magnet and q-tips and spend the next hour removing the shards right around where i cut. Ok, magnent swipes and q-tip swipes are both clean, so no shards left. Its late, so i go to bed. I have to go travel for a couple of days, and return. Boot the comp up and yes, the CPU is working!!!! But now it says my ram is not installed properlly. So i get a known working stick of the pc133 variety again and put it in, and it is a no go. Change the dim slots, no go. Whats wrong?? I think my motherboard is screwed up. Any ideas.

Here are the LED codes I got.

First few times

Red Red Red Red

Next Few Times after coming back(top to bottom)

Red Green Red Red

never mind, i just found out the bios was fried from msi, hopefully i can get a new one.