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MSI k7t turbo raid wont overclock; please help me!

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New Member
May 15, 2001
Ok heres the deal: I have a MSI k7t turbo raid with a duron 600 (6*100 fsb). The bios is the latest official bios (I was NOT able to use the overclockers bioses for whatever reason), version 2.6. Right now I am running at 6*133 (I changed the jumper to 133 mhz fsb). Cooling should not be an issue I have good airflow as well as one of the medium large Taisols. Here is my experience changing multipliers (the L1 bridges are connected; I have checked several times!). 6.5 *133 yields black screen no boot, along with everything up until 13.5*133 which yields 733 mhz (13.5=5.5 according to my math WTF). Also 13*133 works as 667 mhz (5*133 is what it is indicative off). I would like to hit 7*133 or a little bit higher, but all I get is the black screen; no post nothing. Any ideas anyone. Why exactly does my motherboard thing that 13.5 is 5.5 and 13 is 5?

Also in addition at 100 mhz fsb I have tested 6 and 6.5 as the only working multipliers.

The rest of the system
256 megs cas 2 PC133
60 gig maxtor 5400 rpm on raid channel
30 gig 7200 rpm Quantum fireball plus as (primary master)
SBlive platinum
HP 9300 10*4*32 cdrw on secondary as master
50X max cdrom on secondary as slave
Linksys network card
generic floppy drive