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MSI K7T Turbo VIA KT133A & Duron 800 & Thunderbird 800... Overclocking The CPU QUESTION.

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dj deviant

New Member
Feb 17, 2001
MSI K7T Turbo VIA KT133A & Duron 800 & Thunderbird 800... Overclocking The CPU QUESTION.

Hey guys, finally all is in but as usual I was stupid and bought a thunderbird 800 and duron 800 but I will sell one on ebay or if there are any offers in here. I want to know which I should keep for overclocking and performance (which will give me the most stability with a good about of overclocking.... id like to get to 1ghz. the thunderbird is oem 60 days, but the duron 800 is 3 year retail box. i plan on installing this weekend and wanted to know which to keep and which to auction. which is the easiest to overclock (can i overclock without closing the L1 bridges? Any help would be awesome. Thanks a million. COMPUTER GEEKS UNITE.
does either one have copper interconnects ? suposedly the ones with copper are better..
I don't know what you paid, but in general the tbird will give you better performance, even it it's not overclocking as high. The 800 TBird may do close to 1GHz, but it will be at least as fast as a Duron at 1.1 GHz
I think it's easiest to overclock the duron. I have a 700@978MHz and I was amazed how easy it was to overclock.
Overclocking, schmoverclocking, it's total system performance that matters. Yo is right. A T-Bird performs the same as a Duron clocked at least 150 MHz faster. Keep the T-Bird. It should O/C to 950 MHz+ anyway. You'd have to get the Duron to 1.1 GHz to get the same performance. And to do that, you'd have to lower the multiplier and up the FSB otherwise the small cache would limit performance even more.
Well Guys Thanks For The Help On This.... I will prob keep the thunderbird and sell the Duron on ebay or something.... I guess since the thunderbird is a better performing chip with more cache it would be my safest bet. The only this was the duron is retail boxed so i had the warranty for 3 years, which i know in like less than a year i will want to upgrade... so well see....
thanks for all the helpful info guys you are the best!!
talk at ya soon