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MSI KT4 Ultra

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Aug 17, 2001
depends on what ya wanna do with it I have it. Its a good stable board not much of an overclocker though.


Sep 29, 2002
Personally I'd wait. There are quite a few threads in the MSI forum on the KT4 as well.


Aug 12, 2002
Chicago, IL
I got the KT4V. CHEAP ($85 with lan), decent ocing. The MSI's get up to 180 FSB pretty easy, haven't seen many 200FSB. There are multi, FSB, CPU and DDR and AGP voltage options in bios.

THE MSI KT4 SERIES DOES NOT UNLOCK THE TBREDB. The tbredB comes factory unlocked, on any KT400 mb (MSI too), you can get all the multis over 12.5. BUT .... for big OC, you want a LOWER multi, so you can up the FSB. SOME of the KT400 will give you access to the lower multis through the bios. FULL multi control NO chip / bridge work needed.

The MSI requires you to connect the last L3 bridge to get the lower multis. Unkown at this time if MSI will give a bios that will fix this.

I like the KT4V. It is NOT the super epox / abit boards, but mine was only $85.

If you're spending the money for the extra added features (KT4 ULTRA) I would instead get the asus, epox, or abit.