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MSI KT7Pro2-A Would Not Boot

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New Member
Jan 23, 2001
My K7T Pro2-A wouldn't go past the post. I've tried my T-Bird 800, 1000, Duron 650, they all failed. It froze usually after posting the CPU speed or after detecting the HDD. There were a couple of time I was able to get to the BIOS, but a few seconds there, and it froze again. I tried clearing CMOS, no luck there. I thought it might be the Antex P303 300W power supply, but I just replace it with Sparkle's 300W, same problem. Please Help, I've been tweaking this Pc for two days and one my 800 T-Bird don't post no more; I think it's fried?.
I also had problems with this board. On the first boot attempt, it powered on but didn't post. I powered it down and tried again and it did nothing. The diagnostic LEDs didn't even light up. I tried 2 new 300W power supplies and nothing. Needless to say, I sent it back for a replacement. Maybe they are shipping out some bad boards. I'll see what happens when I get the new one.
Got myself a MSI KT7Pro2-A without any problems.
I'm running at 103 FSB x 9.5 = 980 Mhz with my Tbird 750.
Get a new board and put the Bios version 2.2 on it.