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MSI overclocking util...?

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I've got a GeForce3 Ti200. When I originally received it, the drivers that I installed also added two MSI specific tabs to my "Display Properties" control panel (one "MSI Information" and the other "MSI Clock"). They worked beautifully for overclocking my card, even had a function to test it's highest possible overclock.

Fastforward a bit, I had to replace my motherboard. I did a repair install of WinXP (since XP really doesn't like it when you replace the mobo) and it saved all of my settings and files, however now those tabs don't work. I get a weird RunDLL error when I click on them. I get the feeling that they are missing some files, but I can't figure out which ones.

I tried their 3D! Turbo Experience software, but it barfs with the same error.

This happens with the MSI supplied drivers (21.83, 27.20, 28.90, 30.00, 31.00) and the nVidia ref drivers 40.72

Does anybody know where I can get this util to reinstall it or find some way of removing those tabs?

Thanks in advance!


Apr 26, 2001
try installing MSI Live Update.

but it sounds to me like you tried just to update the drivers, without uninstalling it first?
this wont work. you gotta first uninstall the drivers from the Add/Remove panel then re-installing the one you want.

btw, whats the highest clock you got?
i got the same card model 8851, mine goes up to 235/530MHz, stock cooling.


Well, I got tired of my install of winders and decided it was time to back up those unreplaceable files and blow the whole thing away, start from scratch.

Wow, are things faster now :)

Well, anyways, I installed the 28.90's from MSI's website, which in turn installed the MSI Clock and MSI Information tabs but they still don't work.

At this point, I'm suspecting a hardware goof of some sort. Again, this all started when I switched my Epox 8k5a2/XP 1600+ to a P4S333-M/P4 1.6Ghz rig. So, I'm guessing it's got something to do with this mobo/processor.

Looks like it's time for a third party OC solution.

BTW, the highest stable that I took mine to (after removing ramsinks and installing a Dynatron 1U cooler w/fan 7volted) is 225/520Mhz.