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MSI PRO-2RU OC'ing help

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Mar 21, 2002
bakersfield, CA
Still Need MSI PRO-2RU OC'ing help

yea i have this setup and i am using the stock bios. And when i try to set my cas2 ram at cas2 it locks up. I have my new stuff on the way and wanna o'clock more and would like any advice on my bios and how to fix this problem. Oh yea and anyone no how high i will be able to go on oc'ing fsb and chip, i have the new hsf on the way and a lil fan on the chipset. Just basically any advice at all would be helpful!:D :D
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I would just sit back and wait for all the new parts. if you try to overclock with sub-standard parts, then you may be shopping for more parts in no time. Relax and enjoy the new toys, remember that the UPS guy is your friend!!
ok i got my new stuff. Now im using the stock bios should i update? and its running at cas2 fine right now. what other settings should i tweak with in bios? or should i just do the performance settings? And dang its still running like 44 degrees at idle :(
I have found that bios ver 3.1 lets me overclock the best.. I have not tried ver 3.5 but I have read many problems with that one..

my 2cents..
for the temp problem you can try to reseat your HS or Lap it first. Try running your comp with the case open and see if you get better cooling results... If youget the time you should post in the Cooling section people usually come up with several effective and creative ideas!

For setting look at the MSI sight I remeber seeing a few links off of the K7t266 page about rating and settings
Sorry pretty confusing
yea where exactly are those links? Oh and the 3.5 bios FRIED MY MOBO!!!!! but i got it replaced the next day under warranty! ;)
Sorry about the confusion I didnt have the time to check for links yesterday so...


These links can be found under the awards and recognition. The other two are just reviews of the board. If your looking for pictures of your board or you want to read positive reviews of the board, these reviews are it!
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If you have any other memory setting can you post! thanks
I have the same MB with the same cpu and s 256m stick of xms2400 corsair ram,(serious overclocking ram). I got her running with all the ram settings maxed out no problems at all. [email protected] right now. 137x12. I have had it at 147fsbx11 also with no problems. I cant seem to get it to a clean 1700mhz though. I know the board and the ram are capable and that heat is not an issue. I'm thinking pci devices may be finicky. Windows doesnt seem to like me overclocking past 1680mhz. Even with the vcore all the way up. I am using bios v3.3. I read that was the last good bios for overlcocking but I think I was able to get my fsb up higher with 3.2, anyone else know about that?