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msi pro2a issues..and boy do i have them!!

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Feb 14, 2001
Ok so here's the deal folks..got the above mobo with a 750 t-baby..but the most I can o/c is up to 800 before I get problems with stability.in fact the whole mahcine locks and i have to reset the jumpers and start from scratch again anything over 800..

I have a superorb for cooling which reads 40 on the cpu and 38 on the mobo, and the l1 and l7 bridges have been bridged..anyone can tell me wadafuk's going on?? or better yet got any answers??
How did you OC it to 800? By multiplier (8 x 100) or by the FSB (7.5 x 106)?
Did you try lowering or increasing the voltage?
Could also be that you have to redo the pencilling on the L1 (and L7). Sometimes this is necessary; it does not always work the first time. A lot of pencil graphite is needed to connect the bridges.
well, guys I turn to you once again with an annoying phenomenon that I pray you may be able to offer expertise on..having succesfully got my 750 to 900 by uping to 9.0 from default it seems to drop to 500 after a while..is this related to the msi mobo function to stop overheating? if so do i need a beter cooler..all the folks tell me a thermaltake superorb is fine..and this is what I am using..my temps are 41 mobo and 48 chip..any ideas?