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MSI Tubro Multiplier/FSB problems.....

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Mar 11, 2001
I currently have a factory unlocked Tbird 1200, and a MSI Turbo motherboard (rev. 3 printed on the board). I cannot get the 133bus working correctly at all with this combo. I have to go into the bios, set my multiplier to 9 @100mhz, post, than manualy power down the system, remove the 133mhz bus jumper, turn computer back on, post at 9 @133. Everything works fine BUT if I power down the system for too long after it posts at 9 @133, 75% of the time I have to redo all these steps because the system hangs at initializing cpu. I've read about these cold boot up problems and it seems I'm experiencing it. Can this problem be remedied from a bios update or is this a hardware issue? Any advice or tips would be helpful. I also dont wish to physically alter my cpu either. =/

Btw, I can run my cpu rock solid at any 100mhz bus speed up to multiplier 12.5
I have MSI Turbo as well and have unlocked my 1.1GHz AMD. The motherboard has a known issue on cold boot that requires you to hit the reset button after you have hit the ON button - I don't think a workaround has been identified yet.

I also uncovered an erro in the MSI Turbo manual regarding the CLEAR BIOS jumper - the orientation is wrong if you closely examine the motherboard. The jumper was set correctly at the factory but before I powered up for the 1st time, I moved it based on the manual, then had to move it back. You'll never get it to boot if this jumper is set wrong - your issue may be related to the rest button issue though.

Hinge out

FYI, I have my 1.1GHz now running at 140x9.5=1330 @ 1.75V .
You are trying to boot a 200/fsb processor on the 266fsb mother board.Msi and IWILL have trouble with factory unlocked 200fsb processors running at the 133 setting.This is for sure true with the 1.2 200fsb on thoes boards.It appears it is also true with your chip as well.Contact MSI see if there is a bios upgrade.