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MSI Ultra Volt Mod???

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New Member
Mar 16, 2002
Hey guys/gals. I'm using a 2GHz P4 Northy with the MSI Ultra 645 SIS chipset Motherboard. The highest vcore I can go is 1.6, well it only really reaches about 1.56. If anyone can help me out with volt modding this board, I would really appreciate it. I would like to get atleast 1.8 volts. I can only go to 112MHz bus speed and that is it due to the lack of voltage. Thanks for any help.

dude just mod the cpu.... that's alot easier than attempting to make a very useless MB. All it takes is a slip and...........AHhh @#$%!
Mod it to 1.7 volts so your B\MB can still be adjusted. Your MB should be able to get up to 1.85 but if you need higher then you worry about messing with the MB
do the wire trick and your all set..after its sucessfully done u can go as high as 1.85 i think, cant remember though...
could some one give an explanation about the wire trick?
i've seen lost of people talking about this, but no information about it.

I've an P41,[email protected] or 2.2 with normal voltage, with no problem, but when I try more than that the cpu dosen't work(even with 1.6v)....
Hope someone can help.