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MSI X570 Ace no audio after RMA

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Oct 29, 2002
My first X570 Ace (purchased on launch) died a couple weeks ago and I had to RMA it. I had zero problems with it until it stopped powering on for no reason.

I got back the 2nd motherboard yesterday, and everything is fine except for the no audio issue. It seems like Windows detects that something is plugged in, but there's no sound. Bluetooth audio works fine.

These are the steps I've taken:
- Ensure the correct output device is selected
- Updated to latest BIOS
- Tried multiple headphones/confirmed working on other devices
- Uninstall/reinstall all drivers
- Remove Nahimic trash from registry and install Realtek again
- Uninstall all drivers and try only the Windows driver
- Reinstall fresh Windows 10
- Attempted same driver steps above with fresh install
- Toggled onboard audio on/off in BIOS
- Disconnected front audio jacks from motherboard

The CPU is a 3900x. I'm just going to buy a sound card instead of RMAing again if I can't resolve this, and MSI is going on my no-buy list for AM5.

I think the board is defective at this point, but does anyone have any other ideas?
Same board or did they send a new one? Was it 'OK/Seen' in device manager?

I'd see if they would crossship you another one for the trouble.
It is a different board. Not sure if it is new or refurbished, but it does not look used. I understand they normally replace RMA'd parts with refurbs though. Yes device manager looks good. Everything seems normal except:

1. No audio
2. Realtek control and Nahimic control both show the automatic impedence sensor to be over 1000 ohms. I'm not sure if that's hardware or software related. My headphones are 46ohm.

I will probably reach out and see what they can do, but if their answer is to wait another 3 weeks on the RMA process then I'm not going to bother.
X570 Ace/Unify has some weird audio issues. There are a lot of topics around the web. You can play with audio drivers and BIOS and that's all. If it won't work then just return the mobo.
I have some issues with my X570 Unify too. In my case, when I install Nahimic drivers then I lose the sound. The only way to make it work right is to uninstall all drivers and make Windows Update install the default driver (which has almost everything anyway).