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Mucho questions for the cooling gurus ("I am not worthy") from this newbie (long)

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Jan 15, 2001
"The Garden State" NJ
Mucho questions for the cooling gurus ("I am not worthy") from this newbie (long)

I am going to order the GWin FA420 fan to install on the greenie heatsink for my KK266. I have noticed that the greenie is very hot to the touch since I overclocked the fsb. Should I take the greenie off and put AS paste, thermal tape or AS adhesive underneath it for the coolest solution? What about the fan, will the thermal tape be sufficient to hold it on the greenie, and will it cool as well as AS adhesive?
Last bunch of questions I promise. I am also ordering the Radeon 32meg cooling kit from 2cooltek. Should I remove my Radeon LE heatsink and use thermal tape or AS adhesive underneath? The kit also includes memory heatsinks, should I stick them on with thermal tape or AS adhesive? And the last question is a repeat of the fan question in the last paragraph. Best method of fan attachment to the LE heatsink, thermal tape, AS adhesive or high heat epoxy?
Thanks friends, you continue to inspire me.
Here is what you should do. First, the greenie on the IWILL does not having anything for a TIM. Artic Silver is best. The adhesive is pretty good, but tough to remove. I actually tried to remove a waterblock from a nortbridge that had been attatched with AS addhesive. Guess what, I ripped the northbridge off of the MSI K7T Turbo board, oops. The best tip i have heard is to use four drops of super glue on the corner and use Artic Silver or some other goop on the chip. The super glue will hold the hsf to the chip fine, but it would be detachable if you wanted to do that. That is how i would go about it.