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Multiplier Overclocking, Easiest Board? Sickboy? Can You Change It In BIOS?

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dj deviant

New Member
Feb 17, 2001
Can Anyone tell me with experience which is the easiest board to overclock using the multiplier setting. As sickboy recommended not to increase the FSB settings, he also said the FIC AZ11e multiplier setting was a pain in the a$$ to switch (not placed well on the board). Is there a board which can be completely manipulated thru bios settings?
Also where can I get a good how to guide for overclocking a duron and motherboard.
Thanks From Fireside Florida.

i'd recommend the abit kt7a-raid, the asus a7v133 and the epox 8kta3+. all have full bios control of the multiplier, fsb and vcore. the sus would be my first choice, but the abit is favoured by many.

for guides, read the main page.. there are a lot of articles there. we also have a guide here for unlocking you processor.

good luck and have fun! :)
I'm a newbie, and I am still running on my first overclocked system. I have the Asus board, and I was amazed how easy it was to overclock with this board. It's defiantly a good board for newbie's.
Well, you got me. Here's my opinion.

I know the KT7 series can overclock, and they do it completely through bios.

I think this is the case with the A7V series. (Don't know anyone with an A7V).

I know that you can overclock with MSI K7T Pro 2A completely in bios.

Keep in mind also that a mistake in settings on boards that are overclocked solely in BIOS requires a CMOS clear if you can't boot it far enough to get into the bios. But in general I think the boards that overclock in the bios are of a lot higher quality than those that do not.

only asus a7v rev 1.04 or later can do everything in the bios, earlier versions can only change the fsb in the bios.
The Abit and MSI boards are great. I hesitate on recommending Asus onlly because of the purported issues on RMA'd products. I do know that Asus makes very stable board. :)
Increasing the FSB gives better overal system performance, so I'm unsure of any recommendations to NOT increase the FSB.
Well, I did it, I purchased an MSI K7T Turbo Motherboard with the KT133A Chipset. I found what i thought to be a good deal at 121 with shipping. Now, I am waiting for it an my Duron 800 to come in and I am set!!!