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Multiplier problem. Iwill mobo or do i need to redo L1's

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Hugo 59

Senior Member
Feb 28, 2001
Linwood, NC
Iwill kk266 v1.1 Non-Raid

8.0 works fine
7.0 works fine
8.5 works fine

6.5 no boot and so on for the rest. This was all done running the FSB at 100. I used conductive ink to connect bridges and looked at it under mag. glass they looked good as far as i could tell, but maybe not could this be the mobo. How can I tell.

Using latest iwill turbo bios.

Thanks for any help.

running 850 TBird
There was a problem with some of the KK266 boards with a misplaced resistor. This was supposed to have been only on the 1.2 versions, but I have read where some have been found on the 1.1 versions as well. Go to the Iwill forum at Amdmb forum, and read / ask your questions there. There is more mobo help at this forum than I have seen anywhere else...and just about every problem and cure has been discussed. There is a "recall" on the mobos that have the resistor problem..

This link will take you directly to the Iwill mobo forum.
Thanks for the link. I decided to redo the bridges and I haven't had a problem sense.

Currently at 154x6.5=1001