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Jul 30, 2001

I did the mod for the multipliers, used the faq links to do this.

But now I have an unlocked cpu xp1600+, what is the HIGHEST multipier the K7S5A has???

I need some more Multiplier setting Running AT 12.5 now.

Please, If anyone knows this please tell me.
Well got to look at the cpu today, I can't boot at anything but multi 10.5. Must have lost a L1 bridge somehow, I had it as high as an xp2000+ last night before the thing quit letting me adjust the multi settings.

When I get back up I am going for the fsb O/C, I wonder how high this thing will rock.
I hear the AGOIA 1600's oc well. I seem to remember reading a post where a guy had it up to a 2200 equivlent. Under the right conditions ofcorse.
The highest mutli would probably be 13 if you do the mod right.
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Running mine at 12.5 x 137 and it has been very reliable.

BIG-O-2, do you mean that you did the mainboard mod using some switches or jumpers?
Well I did the mod to the K7S5A with dip switches. The highest combo I could get was 12.5, But I have bigger problems now.

PDL I got a Antec cpu cooler from comp usa and it said it would cool a 1.5 gig socket a chip.

I think I fried the xp1600+, I get no boot but the duron I have boots fine :mad: .

I am really ****ed at myself for tring the hsf, but it was one with all those pins and it looked good enough to try.

I KILLED a Great chip, I had it all the way to xp2200+ or 1.75gig

Is there a way to have this thing checked out?
:eek: Man, that stinks. Thats why I always buy HSF up to 2000 mhz or better. Just in case. Good thing those 1600+ chips are cheep these days. I thought the K7S5A had a thermal shut doun temp setting too. Good luck.