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Multithreaded games

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Herr Rogers

Oct 1, 2005
Is HL2 or any of the source series multithreaded, and why have they not released a patch to make it multithreaded if it is not already?


Sep 6, 2003
its not multithreadeded, I think they want to get the 64bit version out first if they have any plans for ever releasing multithreaded version


Nov 10, 2004
Sword Base
It doesn't need to be really YET, it runs so quick on a single core compared with most rival engines (my overclocked Barton Mobile 2500 could run it with everything on high including HDR @ 1280x1024) that it isn't important on the current crop of source games. I wouldn't bet on it soon either, valve take ages to do anything ever (maybe gabe newell keeps getting stuck in the doors at valve HQ), but when they finally do it should rock.