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New Member
Jan 18, 2001
Which one is a better buy?
Right now the MX 64MB SDRs are running around $100.
The GTS 32MB DDRs are going around $130.
Does having extra 32MB compensate for SDR memory?
I'm going to overclock the video card, but I want to know which
you choose.
definatly go for the 32mb DDR GTS

anandtech did a good artical on this. Because of the MX2 arcitecture extra memory doesn't help. somthing about 128bit sdr memmory bandwith not being able to utilize anymore than 32mb of ram in the amount of time it takes to render an image.

they did benchmarks with a 32mb MX2 and a 64mb MX2 and the 64mb card did a little better on a benchmark to test memory but when they looked at frame rates they were almost identical. less than 1% difference and not with the 64mb card coming out on top half the time. Don't waste money on 32mb of extra ram that won't help.