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my 1 ghz now running at 1.4 ghz, w/ a 27cfm fan on the golden gate.

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Jun 4, 2001

who woulda thunk it. i'm at 1.4, 133 fsb x 10.5 @ 1.87 volts.


after running rc5 for 30 minutes i'm at 53c on an MSI board.

anyway, i'm very excited and happy.

now i just need some better ram so i can try and oc w/ fsb speeds. :(
With the stock ada hsf on it this thing went to 70c stock. WOW.

with the WBK w/ delta i couldnt oc more than 1.33 at 55c or so.

with the SK6 w/ delta i oc'd up to 1.33 at 48. i didn't try 1.4 at this voltage. only lower voltages and it wasn't stable.

the most amazing thing about this oc is that it's w/o the delta, its using a 27cfm fan. comon that's gotta be worth something.
I'm 155*9x on a 1Ghz to run 1.395Ghz. Running an FOP-38 w/ an 80mm Sunon. Get 45C load, but in-socket thermistors readings can be different from mb to mb. Seems like you maybe need some better case ventilation. What are your case temps?