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My 1G @ 1.33 is also running HOT

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New Member
May 1, 2001
I have an AXIA 1G at 1.33, core voltage 1.8v.
Thermoengine + 4800rpm 60mm fan.

it runs ~53 idle, ~58 full load.

if I close up the case I add another 5-7C on top of that.

the mobo temp is consistently 15C below CPU idle.

I am disappointed that the mobo temps are so high, sure doesn't feel like 38C in the room ;)

I am also annoyed with the noise of the fan, and I think I need a 6800rpm howler to get those temps down!

How do I get a winning situation out of this? Fan adaptor to 80/92 mm?
Go with water cooling would be a good Idea. But if you insist on air cooling then try the bigger fans. But onw question, What do you have for intakes and exhausts on your case. Sounds like you have poor air flow to have those kind of case temps and cpu temp increases with the case closed. That might be your other option. Better case ventalation.
Air throughput in your case should be a minimum of 100 cfm. 200 cfm is not going overboard for a CPU that's putting out ~72 Watts. Four ~108 cfm 120 mm's would do the trick. They'd even drown out the shriek of a Delta 38. Two of them won't. A 60mm to 80/92mm adapter is an excellent idea.
LMAO get rid of that thermal engine,,THAY SUCK READ THE FRONT PAGE OF THIS SITE.

also get the mod for the via chipset that sets up your system to idle the processor at board temp.

good luck...........................