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My 1Ghz OC results

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New Member
Mar 29, 2001
Aloha and welcome,

I have a ton of information, but I am just going to give you guys and gals the highlights. Here is the rig:

1 GHZ AMD AXIA week 10 of 01
IWill 266 April 16th bios upgrad
GeForce Pro 64MB
576 MB of Generic 133 memory (two 256MB chips and a 64 MB chip)

Stictly air cooling!

Vantec with Delta w/ Arctic Silver II

120x120x38 Sunon Intake (Over CPU) (108 Cfm, or so they say)
92 mm Sunon Intake (To the right and down of CPU)
120x38 Sunon Exhaust on top (Chimney)
(2) 80mm stock Exhaust (top rear, bottom front)
PSU fan Exhaust

(and yes, I do wear industrial strength hearing protection.) :)

So there is the basics.

Here are the numbers.

1502Mhz (that’s 10.5 @ 143 --> 1.87v read by MBM5)

Ambient: 22C
MB: 22C
Idle: 21C (1502Mhz)
Load: 37C (Seti, MBM, IE5 browsing and Task Manager)

Couple of quirks. I have the bios voltage set to 1.80 and MBM reads voltage as 1.87. Anyone else see this?

I can run Seti and UT no problem, but if I try to run Prime95 at this speed, I get "rounding" errors. At 1Ghz there is no problem. What’s with this??

So there you go. I am going to try a small water cooling rig and a Peltier soon. Wish me luck.

The water's kind of deep for me regarding voltage and speed, but that's smokin'!!

Rounding errors... could that be a stability problem? Might the voltage be bumped up just a tad fix this?

1.5 air cooled... nice

All advice is strictly advice, please take advice with proverbial grain of salt... ther ehave been enough fried thunderbirds... we would not want to see another...

Good luck with the water cooling...

I got similar results with an AXIA 1GHz/200 chip that I picked up yesterday. So far it seems to go up to 1550 but with water colling. My experience is that WC without peltier adds about 50MHz over good air cooling.

Regarding the voltage my KK266 is off by about .11V. This is good and bad. Good because 1.85 manual equates to 1.96 - no voltage mod necessary. Bad since default is set to 1.86 and excessive heat is being generated. In order to reduce heat I would suggest to go back to real default voltage (i.e. in your case about 1.675), and then to bring it up slowly until the chip reaches a speed/temperature combo that you are comfortable with.

I backed my chip off to 1511/159 @1.91V - that's a darn fast system, in particular since the KK266 allows me to run my Crucial RAM at CAS 2 at this speed :)

Go with what MBM is reading. My experience has been that the voltage you call for in the bios setting is often lower than what you get (confirmed with voltmeter). Monitoring programs seem to be closer to what the actual voltage is.

Your temps are great for that voltage and speed. Going to water won't help you much more at the same voltage and speed, but it might allow you to up the voltage more without incurring increased temps.

Rounding errors seem most often to be an indicator that you need more core voltage, or you have hit "the wall" for your given CPU.

I can run every program under the sun with 10x150 @ 1.90V, but still falls out of Prime95 in the first pass of the torture test. 10x145 @ 1.85 is rock solid, so there she stays.