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SOLVED My 3DMark2001 score seems low...

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My system:
TBird 1.2 GHZ @ 1.4 GHz (10.5x133)
256 MB PC2400 DDR ram (pc2100 @ cas 2)
Iwill KA266-R revision 3 board
Geforce 2 GTS 64 DDR, Det 12.00 drivers(not o/c)
SB Live
IBM XGP75 45 GB hard drive
TDK Velocd burner

In 1024x768x16, my 3DMark2001 score is 3975.
In the online database of Mad Onion, similar systems easily reach 4500.
Any ideas?
In Sisoft Sandra 2001, my scores seem plenty high enough (memory bandwidth and dry/whetstone)...
Hate to break it to ya bro, but in most reviews I've seen, out of all the DDR Athlon boards, the ones with ALi Magik 1 chipsets have been the only clear "losers"..... And are you sure you're using DX8 and DX8 optimized drivers? (i.e. Detonator versions 7.XX and up) Try som memory tweaking too, if you can.

I got the Iwill because it was the only stable, overclockable DDR option at the time, after reading about massive problems with the Asus and overclocking, and the fact that I will never buy VIA again as long as there's anything else out there.
I'll keep my eye on the reviews and see if I can find something faster which will overclock in a stable manner...